Rihanna at a basketball game in Los Angeles.

buttery noodles has been my meal of choice since like age 5 and it hasn’t failed me yet


Im not allowed outside after dark because i outshine all the stars and the moon so baby sea turtles always end up flocking to me

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another thing ive learned is life is compiled of basically just different forms of bullshit once you move on from one bullshit stage of your life it’s only to be replaced by some more bullshit. of course all that bullshit is interrupted occasionally by moments of not-bullshit so learn to live for those moments and never stop looking ahead towards the good stuff and u will make it through just fine probably

one big thing i’ve learned so far in life is to TRY to not make big decisions based on your friends. it seems like it would just be easier to go wherever and do whatever your friends do but sometimes you NEED to branch out and do stuff alone and thats how you make NEW friends and grow and learn and become you :)

also most friends dont last forever believe it or not so if you choose like your college based on your bff emily and then emily f*cks ur boyfriend you are now stuck with triflin’ ass emily and a dumb ass school and that’s rough

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