*gets a sugar daddy just to pay for textbooks*

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the two things frida kahlo hated most were white people and capitalism so I mean I’m not going to presume to speak for her but I find it hard to believe that she’d be down with you buying cameo-style earrings of her face from some riot!grrl etsy shop in order to earn feminist points

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i rarely ask people for favors because i feel like a burden even if my pencil falls close to you i’ll probably do some acrobatics to reach it instead of asking you to get it bc im literally so afraid of being a pain in the ass

Anonymous said: Holy fuck. Don't let him take advantage of you like that idc if you guys are friends or not YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY HIM GAS MONEY. DONT. SERIOUSLY DONT. HES USING YOUR DAMN 200$ PARKING PASS. HES A PRICK FOR TRYING TO GET YOU TO PAY FOR GAS MONEY TOO. PLEASE STICK UP FOR YOURSELF I LOVE YOU

i know i know its all so wrong in every way but i never speak up in these situations i always just stick it out and ruin my own life bc im a baby

Anonymous said: Why would you let him take your pass and put it in his car?

idk i never like to create conflict so im always just like ok cool yeah and then i regret it. plus he’s my friend and he’d be stuck without me helping him and i’d feel bad. its not like he just stole it i mean i get a ride from him……….but………its my pass…………i dont really wanna rely on someone else thats why i bought the pass in the first place its just so annoying


shirts that get tight around the armpit


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one of my old friends recently came out of like nowhere and started talking to me and then asked if we could carpool to school together until he gets a parking pass because he forgot to buy one and i was like well okay and hes like but i’ll drive and i was like well ok…………..so now my $200 parking pass is hanging in his car and i get picked up instead of driving myself and i found out hes not even bothering to get on a waitlist for a parking pass SO LIKE….. HES USING ME FOR MY PASS. AND HE WANTS ME TO PAY HIM GAS MONEY…………HOW DID I GET TANGLED IN THIS WEB WHY CANT I EVER SAY NO. IT SUCKS

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